Top 5 Garden Of The Gods Hikes

Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center is a National Natural Landmark and park located in Colorado Springs. Visitors can combine a rafting trip in Canon City, with stops to hike in this magnificent area. The park hosts over 20-miles of trails with varying levels of difficulty. The scenery is completely unique and anyone with an opportunity to hike here should make it a priority stop.

Read on to learn more about the top 5 Garden of the Gods hikes.

  1. Siamese Twin Trail

  2. Perkins Central Garden Trail

  3. The Ridge Trail

  4. Chambers/Bretag/Palmer Hiking Trail

  5. Scotsman/Buckskin Charlie Trail

Guided vs Self Guided

Hikers can venture out on self-guided treks but the Garden of the Gods trails also offer guided nature walks for a small fee ($5). These hour-long walks are led by expert interpreters who share information about the geology, ecology and significance of the park. The guided, mile-long hike is a great experience. Self-guided hikers can also read interpretive signs while covering more ground if desired.


1. Siamese Twin Trail at Garden of the Gods

The twins rock formation is backdropped by a view of Pikes Peak on this mild, mile-long trail. It’s a roundtrip trail as well so you will end right where the hike began. Very little elevation is gained, making this a popular scenic hike for park visitors.


2. Hike the Perkins Central Garden Trail

At 1.5-miles, this trail is slightly longer but like the Siamese Twin Trail, it has little elevation gain and is a round trip Garden of the Gods hike. It navigates the base sections of the largest rock formations, offering a unique perspective.


3. The Ridge Trail at Garden of the Gods

If you haven’t acclimated to the elevation yet, this half mile loop has incredible views without the strain. It’s flat, easy to navigate and has access to amenities like free parking. 


4.  Chambers/Bretag/Palmer Hiking Trail at Garden of the Gods 

For the adventurous hikers wanting to push a little farther, this trail runs for three full miles. It navigates the edge of the entire park, passing through rolling hills and rocks. Fewer visitors choose this route so you can expect more privacy while seeing the park from nearly every perspective. The elevation gain remains minimal on this moderate hike.


5. Hike the Scotsman/Buckskin Charlie Trail 

The final trail is a mellow loop that winds through the park interior zone. It has more traffic than the latter trail but still less than the shorter hikes. At 1.5 miles, the trail has views of the rock formations and is known for wild flowers in the early summer. It’s dog friendly although a leash is required. The hike itself is rated as moderate but like all of the Garden of the Gods hiking trails, the elevation changes are minimal and the terrain is largely flat.

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