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Top 4 Spots For Colorado River Tubing

Looking for the best spots for Colorado river tubing? Few activities rival that of tubing down a river on a hot summer day. Be it with college friends, a new date, or the whole family, river tubing is just downright fun. And in Colorado, opportunities abound. Check out these four world-class tubing destinations the next time you need to cool off in a Colorado mountain town.

1. South Platte River Tubing In Denver

It’s no secret that the South Platte is one of Denver’s most treasured waters. No matter what type of floater you are, this river has something for you. If you’re the type that prefers lazy water through a scenic backdrop, put in at Black Rock Lake just east of the South Platte Reservoir. Float a leisurely two and a half miles through the stellar Carsen Nature Center and take out at Reynolds Landing. If you’re in the mood for aprés, check out Breckenridge Brewery a stone’s throw from the parking lot. Check out Adventure West if you’re looking to rent gear (tubes, PFDs, helmets). They offer a full shuttle service as well, so you won’t need to fuss over driving logistics.

2. Yampa River Tubing In Steamboat Springs

The Yampa may be well known for its fabled fly fishing, but equally notable is the Colorado river tubing it provides through the heart of Steamboat Springs. The river is medium-sized with a couple riffles along the town stretch. Levels around 700 cfs and below are optimum. The typical float is from the 5th Street bridge down to the James Brown Soul Center of the Universe bridge. It’s around a two-mile stretch with numerous options for stops along the way. Rental companies like Bucking Rainbow Outfitters Tube Shack and Backdoor Outfitters will provide you with all the gear you need, as well as set your shuttle for you. Having your own tubes grants you options to extend your float by at least twice what you would float with a rental company. Put in at Rotary Park, or Fletcher Park (both around two miles upstream of 5th Street). An alternate takeout is the Community Center / Stockbridge Transit Center, just upstream of the James Brown Bridge. Here, you can easily get back to your vehicle via bus, making the shuttle easy as well as freeing up parking.

3. San Juan River Tubing In Pagosa Springs

Another beautiful town-river destination. If you find yourself in Pagosa Springs on a hot summer day, then you best consider tubing the spectacular San Juan River. The most popular stretch (and well deserved) is from the Cotton’s Hole Park put-in to the 6th Street Pedestrian Bridge takeout. Here, you’ll find fun for the whole family. Along the way, you’ll pass town parks, whitewater features, and free hot springs. Does it get any better than that? The whitewater tubing begins when river levels drop below 400 CFS, typically in late June. The San Juan parallels the river walkway the entire float, making it easy to get out whenever you want, run back up, and float again—as many times as you want. The float can be as long as two miles for those who have the means to set a shuttle. If you don’t have tubes, Pagosa Mountain Sports, Pagosa Rafting Outfitters, and Pagosa Outside Adventures offers tubing rentals in Pagosa Springs to get you on the water.

4. Clear Creek River Tubing In Golden

Who doesn’t love a little action when you’re on the water? Enter Clear Creek Whitewater Park in Golden. This friendly town stretch has numerous waves, riffles, and drops to keep you entertained for the whole afternoon and then some. Clear Creek’s Colorado river tubing is available year-round, but the best time to go is in June-September, with higher flows and faster water coming earlier in the year. Logistics for this baby are easy: get on 10th Street and head to the river. Find parking at one of the numerous parks nearby and walk to the water. The Clear Creek Trail parallels the river (some sidewalk, some dirt path). Walk this up as far as you feel like, jump in, and hang on! Rinse and repeat. Clear Creek is a medium-sized river used by tubers, kayakers, and swimmers alike. You likely won’t be the only one on the water. If you need to get outfitted with a tube, check out Adventure West River Tube and Ebike Rental or Golden River Sports.

So there you have it. Three top-notch tubing destinations smack dab in the middle of Colorado towns. So what are you waiting for? Grab your bathing suit and set off!

Whitewater Rafting Colorado With Arkansas River Tours

If you enjoy floating down a river, you’re our kind of people. We hope you’ll consider joining us on one of our many Colorado whitewater rafting adventures in the upcoming season. We spend our days floating and rafting the Arkansas River. Each section of the river offers something unique to every group. For families looking to dip their toes in whitewater, the Bighorn Sheep Canyon rafting trip is a perfect introduction. If you’ve been out on the river before, Royal Gorge rafting is the perfect trip to take your experience to the next level. For all of your Colorado Springs whitewater rafting needs, Arkansas River Tours is here to make your experience memorable. We can’t wait to see you on the river!

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