Why Choose Multi-Day Rafting Trips Over Single Day Rafting Trips

What do our guests love about multi day rafting trips?

Why spend JUST the afternoon immersing yourself in Colorado’s finest whitewater when you can enjoy one of our all-inclusive multi-day rafting trips? Whether your planning a family adventure or a weekend getaway with friends, let Arkansas River Tours handle the logistics of your next wilderness rafting experience.  We’ve included a description of the benefits the guests love most about our multi-day rafting trips.

Creating Life-long Memories with Family and Friends.multi-day rafting trips

The Arkansas River and the surrounding wilderness has a mysterious way of bringing people together.  There’s something about the teamwork of paddling whitewater and the surrounding beauty that allows our guests to really immerse themselves in the days spent on the river.  Stopping for lunch or sitting around the fire at night isn’t just a time to unwind, it’s a time for sharing stories.  Trade experiences from the day, the month, the year, or the life, as families and friends grow closer together.

Immersing Yourself In Nature

When is the last time you truly breathed a sigh of relief? We invite you to leave your cell phones behind, push your worries aside, and sleep under the stars at our remote Cotopaxi Cliff’s river camp.  This campsite is set aside for the exclusive use of our overnight rafting guests.  Many of our guests enjoy their breakfast while viewing the bighorn sheep traversing rock walls, searching for mineral licks, and getting a drink of water from the river.

Get More Bang For Your Buck On Multi-Day Rafting Trips

Our overnight trips provide an all-inclusive experience to make your group feel like the Bell of the ball.  The entertaining and professional staff has spent over a decade perfecting their riverside menu.  They are accommodating and friendly because we want you to have the best overnight raft trips Colorado has to offer.

Education and Folklore

Overnight trips provide a great experience for family and youth groups.  Our staff will provide riverside interpretation of geology, flora, fauna, and folklore of the surrounding wilderness.  Our nearby dark sky designation allows guests to explore the milky way without the use of a telescope.  How many constellations can you recognize?

Multi-Day Rafting Trips Are Customizable

We provide multi-day rafting and fishing trips on the Arkansas River and Gunnison Gorge.  We tailor every trip based on the wishes and experience of the group.  For our adrenaline junkies, bring your paddling power to the Royal Gorge for Class III-IV whitewater.  For more moderate family trips with the excitement of splashy whitewater, the infamously beautiful Gunnison Gorge is for you! Whichever trip you choose, your group will receive a unique and unforgettable multi-day rafting trip with Arkansas River Tours.

Don’t get bogged down planning your next outdoor adventure, we’ve got you covered at Arkansas River Tours!  Check out our multi day trips HERE!

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