Madlib Contest: A Guide’s Life Of Whitewater Rafting Near Colorado Springs

A Guide’s Life: Whitewater Rafting Colorado Springs

Madlib Contest

If you’re planning your summer adventures right now, you’ve come to the right place. Arkansas River Tours is your premier outfitter for whitewater rafting near Colorado Springs. As part of teacher appreciation month in May of 2019, we hosted a Madlib contest to add some humor to our reader’s lives. We hope you enjoy!

Madlib Contest Submission By Laura Poe

One thing I love about whitewater rafting near Colorado Springs is the diverse sections of the river. One day I guide a family-friendly rafting trip in the Cottonwood Canyon and the next I’m taking a group of Yellow-bellied paddlers through the Serene whitewater of the Royal Gorge.

Today, I’m guiding a family with two teenagers through Bighorn Sheep Canyon. This section has rapids named Eeny, Meany miny, and Moe. I know just the perfect spot to soak the whole boat in these three. This family came all the way from Lincoln, Nebraska to come whitewater rafting near Colorado Springs. I can’t wait to see the look on their faces!

As we load onto the bus I explain that the drive is the most Boring part of the entire trip. The next stop is our river put-in and it’s only moments away. I use the opportunity to get to know the family and teach them how to Sing. This will be their first experience doing so.

Once we arrive at the put in, I find a Rock and throw it into the river. Everyone begins to Roll and I give out a round of high fives! As always, safety is the number one priority. In order to provide the safest yet most fun trip possible, we cover the basics of Swimming and I demonstrate how to Float before we launch. After a little bit of practice, we approach the first Whale. Anticipation grows within the boat as I instruct the family to Blow their Whistles and get ready. I’ve been thinking about this all morning. We’re in line for the perfect hit. I call out “all forward!”.

Just as we crest the top of the first wave, we shoot down into a second standing wave that soaks both of the teenagers from neck down. I call out “Rest!” and we all begin laughing together. I notice something on the shore ahead. It’s a Wallaby I yell! I command “all forward!” and we head to the far side of the river to get a better look. The two children are excited as it’s their first time ever seeing one. Just as we get a little closer, the Wallaby scampers away.

We paddle through a few more rapids named G.I. , Joe, and Cobra before I can see the take out in the distance. What better way to spend a day than whitewater rafting near Colorado Springs? Our bus ride back to the river base has us all excited to view our trip photos. As we prepare to go our separate ways, the Mom and Dad from the trip come over and thank me for a fun and exciting day. I love getting great feedback after a really fun trip! I recommend a few places to eat in the local area. One restaurant, in particular, has the best Pickled Beets you’ve ever tasted!