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  Colorado youth group rafting tripsA youth group rafting trip is a great way to bring your youth organization, scout troop, or religious retreat group into the great outdoors.  In recent years, the number of young people embracing the outdoors and engaging in an active lifestyle has dwindled.  Now, more than ever, it is important that we reach the hearts and minds of the young people in our world to demonstrate the value of fragile ecosystems, self-awareness and development, healthy living, collaboration, and communication. In a recent study by Frontiers in Psychology,  it was determined that students who participated in an outdoor education program as part of their curriculum reported significantly more intrinsic motivation to learn and felt more competent.  Taking your message outside has never been more valuable and sometime in the future, you’ll be thanked for it.  One of the many benefits of going on a youth group rafting trip is the opportunity to connect with yourself and the rest of the group.  Paddling as a team through a stretch of whitewater promotes self-awareness and group synergy during an exciting, yet challenging adventure. “We’re all in the same boat” never meant more than on the Arkansas River! As your group takes on a new and exciting experience together, they are enabled to create deep emotional connections that they otherwise wouldn’t have made in a classroom.

Your Colorado Youth Group Rafting Trip

  When choosing a river outfitter for your youth group rafting trip, you’ll want to consider three things.  Safety, education, and accommodation. Colorado youth group rafting tripsFirst and foremost, your group’s safety is our number one priority.   Arkansas River Tours’ guides exceed all state and legal training requirements by multiple hours.   Our rich history in experiential education and scout rafting trips make us the perfect candidate to provide your youth group a safe and exciting day on the water.  Our diverse trip offerings allow us to provide rafting for all ages and abilities. Finding a suitable environment to engage in the outdoor classroom can be hard.  Public campgrounds are often too noisy and overbooked while small lodging providers are expensive and may not be able to cater to the outdoor experience you need.  At Arkansas River Tours, our riverside campground is just a stone’s throw from your vehicle and we provide rental camping gear on location.  The smell of steak and chicken on the grill was never sweeter than after a long day on the water and our fire ring is a great place to debrief at the end of the day! Whether you’re on a religious mission, scout trip, or traveling with a youth organization, let Arkansas River Tours handle the logistics of your youth group rafting trip.  Being a smaller outfitter, our guides are able to emphasize customer service and provide a more personal experience with your group. We’re conveniently located in Cañon City and Cotopaxi (campground in Cotopaxi).

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