Colorado Rafting 2015 Snowpack Update

The recent snowstorm has really pushed our snowpack even higher above 100% of normal. It is important to note that the news media will report on the general snowpack conditions and take into account areas of drought in Colorado that are not connected to river recreation. We look to specific measuring sites, called SNOTEL sites, to determine stream flows and potential runoff which are our primary concerns for rafting and fishing conditions. The highlighted numbers are snow water content percentages. Add those 3 numbers, divide by 3 and you get the Arkansas River condition. 121% is very good for late February!

  Brumley 10600 10.2 7.2 142 10.0 9.9 101
  Fremont Pass 11400 13.6 11.3 120 13.5 11.5 117
  Porphyry Creek 10760 12.0 11.7 103 11.2 11.4 98
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