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From Thrill to Chill: Two Adventures on the Arkansas River

By Billy Marquis

The lofty peaks of The Rocky Mountains demand your attention across much of Colorado. But at ground level, you’ve got the Centennial State’s rivers, which can offer just as much adventure. The Arkansas River, which originates in the Colorado Rockies, is one of the most popular rivers in the entire country.

Walk, Wade, and Float on the Arkansas River

By Billy Marquis

There’s nothing quite like spending a hot summer day on a cool river with a fishing pole in hand—nothing to disturb you but the sounds of nature, and nothing to do but wait for a tug on the line. On the Arkansas River in Colorado, you’ll find this kind of quiet natural beauty everywhere you … Co

Make Your Next Adventure with Friends a Weekend Rafting Trip

By Billy Marquis

Summer is here, and if you’re eager for new adventures, we have two words for you: river rafting. It’s the ultimate way to enjoy all that summer has to offer with sunshine, friends, and a river for cooling off when it gets too warm. If you’ve never been on a river rafting trip before, it might …

protect public lands

How to Get Involved in Protecting Our Country’s Public Lands

By Billy Marquis

Public land is at the core of our nation’s identity, and yet today those very lands are under constant threat of exploitation and extinction. If you love the outdoors, this probably isn’t news to you. Here are a few figures that capture exactly what we’re arguing about in this debate: In the United States, public lands …

This year, it’s more important than ever to get outdoors

By Emily Marquis

The public lands we love and enjoy have been in the crossfire more in the past year than ever before. Just months ago, bill HR 621 was proposed by Utah Congressman Chaffetz, whose mission it was to sell off 3.3 million acres of public lands. This land, which belongs to citizens of our country, would …

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