4 of the Wildest Water Slides in the World

We love rafting the wild waters of the Arkansas River. And we consider ourselves experts on water-based fun. So even though rivers and water slides are totally different things, we had a lot of fun investigating some of the wettest and most thrilling water slides in the world.

Here are a few of the craziest water slides that will make any water-loving-adrenaline-junkie’s dreams come true.

World’s Longest Waterslide

The longest water slide in the world is 1,975 feet (over ⅓ mile) long. It requires 2 hours to inflate and 1,000 gallons of water per hour to operate. That’s a serious commitment, which is part of why you still can’t ride it at Action Park, New Jersey, where it was relocated from New Zealand in 2015.

The slide hasn’t yet received all of its safety certifications in its new home, so you can’t ride it just yet, but it’s impressive to behold.

World’s Tallest and Fastest Body Slide

There are always lines for water slides, especially in the hot summer months. Most people in these lines are climbing to the top to take their turn sliding down. At Mount Kilimanjaro water slide in Rodovia, Brazil, however, there’s another line going in the opposite direction, composed entirely of people who make it to the top of the world’s tallest body slide, chicken out, and promptly begin the long walk back down. About one-third of visitors realize they’ve overestimated their bravery when they reach the top at 164 feet tall. The courageous souls who don’t change their minds reach speeds of up to 57 miles per hour before hurtling into the pool at the bottom.

Water Slide with the Most Sharks

On the Leap of Faith slide on Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas, the wildness doesn’t come from the slide itself—it comes from what you’re sliding through. Namely, a lagoon full of sharks. This surprisingly beautiful slide is one of many that emerge from different levels of a Mayan temple. Once you hop into the Leap of Faith, you shoot down a nearly vertical 60-foot tube made from clear plexiglass. This tube quickly plunges beneath the water, and as you slide along, you can watch dozens of sharks swim around you on all sides. It’s a short ride, but the speed and the sharks are enough to get anyone’s heart pumping.

Water Slide with the Scariest Countdown


That’s what riders of the Aqualoop on the Gold Coast of Australia hear before a trap door opens beneath their feet and they plummet down a near vertical incline. The 56-foot descent takes only seconds to complete, but that’s plenty of time to feel your heart in your throat.

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