3 Steps to Truly Appreciate the Gorgeous Gunnison Gorge

The Gunnison River is a tributary of the Colorado River and a truly spectacular river in its own right, especially where it winds through Gunnison Gorge. Over many, many years, the river has carved out a 14-mile stretch of rock where the gorge now stands, creating steep, rugged cliffs on either side.


There are lots of ways to experience Gunnison Gorge, but if it’s your first time visiting, here are three steps we recommend following to get the most out of this stunning natural wonder.

1. Spend an afternoon with nothing to do.

Sure, we may run a tour company that specializes in rafting and fishing. But that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the art of sitting back and doing very little.

Bring a hammock, a book, some sunscreen, and maybe a few friends. Find a nice, quiet spot with shade and a full view of the river. Once you’ve settled in, let the quiet sounds of the Gunnison River wash over you. It’s easy to bring your worries with you on vacation, but some quiet time in the midst of beautiful scenery will wash all those worries away.

Some quiet time on the river is also a good time to consider the impact of this waterway on local communities. With our fast-paced lifestyles, it’s easy to become disconnected from where our food and water comes from. The Gunnison River is an important source of irrigation for the farms in the area. This river has a value that goes far beyond its impressive beauty, and it’s important to be reminded of that with time to reflect.

2. Go on a whitewater rafting adventure.

Royal Gorge
The 2-Day Gunnison Gorge Whitewater Rafting Trip is one of the most popular excursions we offer.

The journey starts with a short hike down Chukar Trail, which will give you an up-close view of the schist and gneiss formations that make up the walls of Gunnison Gorge. Then, we hop in the rafts and begin our trip down the river, alternating between mild rapids and sparkling, clear pools. Overnight, we camp at a secluded spot in the canyon, with only the sounds of the river and the sparkle of the stars to lull us to sleep.

The second day brings more exciting rapids—up to Class III—before we enter the Hall of the River King and begin our waterfall-studded approach to the conclusion at the North Fork.

It’s a thrilling experience that will demonstrate both the power and the beauty of the Gunnison River.

(Ready to sign up? There’s info about an upcoming tour at the end of this post!)

3. Chat with our expert guides.

rafting Arkansas river Colorado
Some of our guides have been running trips on the Gunnison River for decades. They can tell you all about the history of the area, the way the weather affects the rapids, and how the fish move at different times of the year. Plus, they have countless stories of rafting the river themselves. If you want to really get to know this river, talk with the people who have lived and worked on it for most of their lives.

Gunnison Gorge is one of the most enchanting places in Colorado, and the rafting and fishing are both world-class. Come to feel the magic of this river and its towering canyon walls for yourself.

4. Grab a last minute spot for an upcoming trip!

Now that you know the secrets to discover and enjoy the Gunnison Gorge, take advantage of an upcoming tour! We have a limited number of spots available on our 2-Day Gunnison Gorge Whitewater Rafting Trip, starting on August 26. We hope you’ll join us!

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