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3 Safety Tips For Your Royal Gorge Rafting Tour

Are you ready for the Colorado whitewater rafting adventure of a lifetime? Well hurry up and book your Royal Gorge rafting tour already! But before you do, check out these three safety tips. We want you to feel confident knowing that we have the knowledge and experience to keep you safe when choosing a more adventurous whitewater trip.

Royal Gorge whitewater rafting is full of excitement! If you’re considering taking your rafting experience to the next tier, we recommend you read our safety tips below so that you can be prepared. Keep in mind, that your guide will cover this information prior to leaving our headquarters and that these are things that COULD happen, not things that WILL happen on each Royal Gorge rafting tour.

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On our Royal Gorge rafting tour, our captain wants to have fun and will be tossing some jokes around. But be sure to keep in mind that fun follows safety during Royal Gorge rafting. Your captain is dependent on you listening to them and being able to follow directions quickly so be sure to pay attention to that put-in safety talk!

Arkansas River Tours is equipped with a diverse crew of highly capable, confident guides to lead you down the river, and safety is always their utmost priority. Chances are if you’ve got a question, they’ve got the answer. 

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In the event of falling out of the boat, you’ll be faced with the challenge of getting back in. Now, our guides will do everything they can to rescue you, but the more you can do on your end, the quicker and better it’ll go. After you’ve been thrown out of the boat, the most important thing is to swim toward safety. Which way is safe? If you’re ever confused as to which direction to swim, look for the nearest boat captain and they will pull you back in the boat.

In the whitewater world, the rule is to point positive, so, whichever way your captain is pointing, aim that way. Before rapids, it never hurts to check in with your guide about upcoming hazards. They can give you advice ahead of time and that way, should something go wrong, you’ll know exactly what to do before you even fall out in the first place.

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There are times if you’ve fallen out of the boat, that you may be separated from the boat or in big whitewater. In that case, it’s best to conserve your  energy and assume a whitewater position. What is whitewater position, you ask? Sit back like you’re in a chair, face down river with your arms out to the side, and put your feet up downstream. This allows you to see all the hazards in front of you and gives you the ability to back paddle away from them and push away from them using your feet, instead of your head.

These three tips are essential for Royal Gorge rafting adventures, and they work best when used in conjunction with one another. So get out there, play in the water and have fun! BUT be sure to listen, swim, and be safe when doing so. Happy boating!

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