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Gunnison River


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The Gunnison Gorge, below the Black Canyon National Park in western Colorado, is a 14 mile wilderness journey combining spectacular scenery with one of Colorado’s finest Gold Medal fisheries. This trip should be on every anglers bucket list! After a 7 mile rough 4x4 trail and then a mile hike down the Chuckar Trail brings us to the river and the narrow canyon carved through the polished Proterozoic schist and gneiss formations. Mild rapids punctuate the crystal clear pools on the first day as we enter this secluded retreat. The Gunnison Gorge is arguably the most beautiful 3-day float fishing trip in the West. This Gunnison River fly fishing float trip is world famous for its prolific German Brown and Rainbow trout population with more fish per mile than any other Colorado river. The latest counts show 7,000 fish per mile! Float fishing is the only way to access several prime holding areas in the canyon. You will also experience many great wading opportunities along the way. Gunnison Gorge fishing is one of the best fly fishing float trips in Colorado!!

Gunnison Gorge fly fishing should be on every angler’s bucket list!  Here’s why:

  • Of over 9,000 miles of trout streams in Colorado, only 198 are designated as “Gold Medal”, including the Gunnison Gorge.  
  • The Gunnison Gorge boasts 7,000 trout per river mile.
  • Our staff has spent ten years perfecting our riverside menu.  Enjoy fresh and delicious food with local flavor accents.
  • Riverside camping in the secluded Gunnison Gorge.
  • Our expert guides provide ample opportunities to catch trophy-sized trout.
  • It’s the perfect father-son fishing getaway.
  • It’s great for intermediate and advanced anglers.

Our Gunnison Gorge fly fishing trips are 3 days to allow plenty of time to walk-wade early in the morning and into the evening from camp after a day of fishing from our rafts at a leisurely pace. We stop to allow anglers to fish secluded water as we slowly make our way to a different camp each night. We select isolated camps for each night we are on the river where our guides prepare wholesome meals from fresh ingredients including our own Dutch oven recipe delights. Our evenings are filled with conversations of the day’s events, quiet relaxation time or more fishing with the evening hatch. The Gunnison Gorge is punctuated with Class III rapids which add to the excitement of the trip.

Minimum Age

Dependent on water level. Call for info.

Meeting Location

Gunnison River Pleasure Park

8949 Pleasure Park Rd,
Hotchkiss, CO 81419

Arrival Time

8:00 AM

Launch Time

8:30 AM

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Trip Reviews

What a cool experience fishing the Arkansas River.

5 5 1
My son and I booked the evening fishing float. The views were great but the fishing was spectacular. The guide was very helpful since it was my son's first time fly fishing. Great trip!

The Gunnison Gorge was a dream come true!

5 5 1
Some college buddies and I went on the 3 day Gunnison Gorge fishing trip with this company and it was a dream come true. The fishing was phenomenal, the food was great, and the staff was a ton of fun.

Learned to fish!

5 5 1
I wanted to learn how to fly fish this summer so I brought my friend on the fishing wade trip. We caught fish and it was a blast! Can't wait to go again!

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