Planning A Bachelor Or Bachelorette Party Near Colorado Springs?

Looking for the perfect bachelor or bachelorette party near Colorado Springs? Try something different to wow your outdoorsy bride or groom on a whitewater rafting trip! A bar crawl, concert or night out on the town may not be the perfect fit for everyone. If your bride or groom would rather be under blue skies or starry nights than in the city, you’ve come to the right place. Participating in an outdoor experience as a team will create memories to last your group a lifetime. Hosting your bachelor or bachelorette party near Colorado Springs on the Arkansas River is the perfect way to break the mold and have a blast in Colorado’s unique wilderness setting.

Adventure Brings Us Together

Bachelor Party Ideas In Colorado

When you really think about it, bachelor and bachelorette parties are about connecting with the people closest to us. It’s about reminiscing about that fateful day in 3rd grade when two friends met, or laughing at the other time in 10th grade when you did something just silly stupid, or connecting the people that we knew from years ago to the people that we know now.

The river provides an amazing opportunity to not only make new memories with our closest friends, but it also allows us to remember why we became friends in the first place. Whether you go into battle with that giant wave in front of you in Sunshine Rapid or are paddling a less intense section in the upper Bighorn Sheep Canyon, the river allows you the time to feel like kids again. You go into battle taking on each dousing of whitewater with the people that matter most. You connect, in one space, in a moment in time. Paddling in a raft with your friends is just like the good ole’ days.

A Truly Unique Bachelor Or Bachelorette Party Near Colorado Springs

Bachelor Party Near Colorado Springs On A Whitewater Rafting TripMaybe the bride or groom prefer to trade in the city lights for the starry nights; taking a day or two to be fully present again? Maybe your version of pampering the tribe is to take them back to their element or to feed their adventurous spirit? Wedding preparations take time and can be super stressful. Everyone needs some time to detach, unwind and go with the flow.

Shouldn’t your bachelor or bachelorette party near Colorado Springs include a full weekend of fun?  Colorado overnight rafting trips provide the perfect combination of on-the-edge of your seat whitewater experience mixed with the zen and relaxation of riverside camping. Trade stories around a blazing campfire as you enjoy aromas of dessert baking in a dutch oven and the sounds of the river flowing in the background. The benefits of getting outside and immersing yourself in nature are endless. At camp, you can cast a fly rod, try some outdoor yoga, breathe in the mountain air, read a book, share stories, journal, or share an adult beverage while laughing at the days’ events. At the end of the day, you get to fall asleep to the sound of the river bouncing off the canyon walls. There’s simply nothing like that sound. Being outside feeds the soul; all worries will flow downstream with the river. You’ll be refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

Here Are A Few Ideas For Your Bachelor Or Bachelorette Party Near Colorado Springs

Bachelorette Party Ideas In Colorado - Whitewater RaftingIf you’re looking to slow down and unwind in nature mixed with some adventure, try a Big Horn Full Day Whitewater Rafting Trip. The Bighorn Sheep Canyon in Colorado offers a more mellow start to the day followed by more continuous class 3 excitement in the afternoon.

If you’re looking to do a quick adventure fix try these trips, we suggest Royal Gorge Rafting. The Arkansas River Royal Gorge Full Day Trip starts off with Class 3 in the morning and then after lunch, moves on to Class 4 and 5 adventure in the afternoon as you descend into the thousand foot Gorge Walls. Another option is to try the Royal Gorge Slam. As the name implies, it’s the most amount of whitewater in one day. The Royal Gorge section twice with lunch in between.


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