Walk, Wade, and Float on the Arkansas River

There’s nothing quite like spending a hot summer day on a cool river with a fishing pole in hand—nothing to disturb you but the sounds of nature, and nothing to do but wait for a tug on the line.

On the Arkansas River in Colorado, you’ll find this kind of quiet natural beauty everywhere you look. The trout fishing here has been luring fishermen from all over the country for decades. As soon as you see the gorgeous canyons and experience the thrill of standing in water with over 5,000 fish per mile, you’ll understand why.

Here at Arkansas River Tours, we offer many different kinds of fly fishing trips to suit all skill levels, ages, and preferences, but one of our most popular summer outings is the Half and Half Walk/Wade and Float trip. If you’re looking for a trip that gives the whole family a taste of everything the river has to offer, then this is an ideal option.

In the morning, we wade in the river near our headquarters in Cotopaxi, and with the help of an experienced guide from Royal Gorge Anglers (the oldest fly shop and fly fishing guide service on the entire river) you can brush up on the art and skill involved in dry fly fishing. After a midday break, which you can fill with a nap on the shore, more fishing, or lunch, we load into rafts for an evening of floating through some of the most beautiful spots on the river. During the summer months, the fish go wild for large dries and streamers, and in the lulls between strikes, you can enjoy the calm river, the soaring canyon walls, and the feeling of a summer day well spent.

The Arkansas River is a fly fishing paradise, and no matter what kind of trip you’re looking for, Arkansas River Tours will help you fill your summer with fun, relaxation, and a dinner plate full of delicious, fresh-caught fish.