Teach Kids to Fly Fish Two Ways in One Trip: Wade and Float

The fishing season is upon us and we’re excited to get out on the water. What's even more exciting is introducing the next generation of fishermen and fisherwomen to the joys of casting flies in Colorado's best fisheries.  Teach kids to fly fish on The Arkansas River in Colorado with a wade and float fishing trip. 

Looking for the best way to introduce your kids to fly fishing? A half-wade, half-float is a great place to start.

Half and Half – Walk/Wade and Float Fly Fishing Fishing Combination Trips 

One of our favorite trips is the walk/wade and float fly fishing combo. It gets you out on the water in two different fishing disciplines as a full-day tour of one of Colorado’s Gold Medal fisheries.

wade and float fly fishing trips
Our day starts at 7:30am as you don waders and begin casting your fly in search of fish. Wading the Arkansas River is perhaps the best way to shake off the cobwebs of sleep and get your day going.

After lunch at noon, you’re free to go take an afternoon nap under the warm summer sun. Alternatively, you can drop your lines along the shore to bring some Browns to the surface with your hoppers.

At 4:30pm we’ll load into floats for an evening on the river. We use large dries and streamers to land some fish as the sun begins to set over the mountains.

This trip is the best of both worlds, and it’s a GREAT way to introduce your little ones to the joys of the fly.

Conservation and Education

We want you to have fun reeling in fish all day. But at the same time, it’s a great opportunity to learn about the environment and its protection. That’s why we never take more fish than the legal limit and promote responsible fishing practices.

By showing you and your little ones that it’s our duty to pack everything out and always leave enough to ensure a new harvest every year, it’s our hope that we can spark conversation during our trips, or after, to help inspire current and new generations to be great stewards of the land.

Check out all of our fly fishing trips here, and share them with the kids! We have a feeling they’ll get excited just hearing about it.

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