This mother’s day, here’s to the badass women in our lives.

Mother's day is a day to put aside our routines and celebrate the women who've made us who we are today. It's a tribute to moms everywhere and individually, and this year we want to raise a cold cup of whitewater to the badass ladies who make our world a better place.

As a form of celebration, we want to share empowering, inspiring, celebratory initiatives from other communities and from our own.

Women are a Force of Nature

REI’s Force of Nature campaign is a great example. It celebrates women for what they are: a force of nature, rather than stifling their strength behind pressures to conform or fit in a confined role.

The Future of Adventure is Female

Similarly empowering is Outside Magazine’s women’s issue, which does an excellent job of stimulating discussion around women’s issues, focusing on lady leaders in the adventure and outdoor sports world, and making it clear that “The Future of Adventure is Female.”

 Read the exclusive articles from the women’s issue here.

To our own lady tribe:

And of course, we want to celebrate the women close to home who inspire us to be better versions of ourself every day.

To our own mothers, we love you. The best role models are the ones who’ve been around since day 1.

To the women in our community, we appreciate you every day.

And to the ladies who will join us on the river this season, from veteran rafters and anglers to first-timers alike. We couldn’t be more excited for you to join us on the journey.

We hope this mother’s day can be a celebration of women across our communities and also the woman who brought us into the world. Here’s to our moms, and here’s to a future full of support and strength!

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