Core Values

Core Values


Mother Nature and the River are to be respected. Providing safe experiences for our guests and staff is our number one objective. Our guides have a high level of safety training and we match guests with the best experience for them based on abilities. ART has an excellent safety record and we intend to keep it that way.


Our staff is the foundation of ART and makes us one of the leaders in the industry. We provide the highest level of training, promote from within and train our guides to lead the customers on excellent experiences but also how to navigate and respect the river.


Diversity is very important to us and we want everyone to get on the river. We pride ourselves on having an equal staff of men and women guides. ART believes that people with all backgrounds should get on the river and partners with underprivileged youth and the disabled to provide wonderful experiences.


Our goal is to share the river with our guests and take them out of them element. We enhance people’s experiences through customer service, making memories, togetherness and a strong sense of adventure.


Our mission is to protect and respect the environment which provides us a great place for recreation. Wherever possible, our choices are based upon green, socially and environmentally responsible impacts.