Colorado Yoga Trips

Colorado Yoga Trips


Brown’s Canyon Yoga Adventures



2 Day Trip $700 Person

3 Day Trip $950 Person


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Yoga on the Gunnison River

By Bureau of Land Management (Gunnison Gorge NCA) [CC BY 2.0 ( or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

DATES: May 24th, August 25th, or September 5th

COST: $1200 per person

Reconnect with you, nature and adventure on this serene Yoga retreat. The Gunnison Gorge, below the Black Canyon National Park in western Colorado, is a 14-mile wilderness journey combining spectacular scenery and sanctity. The trips are 3 days to maximize your time and rejuvenation in this hard to access area. Join us for a once in a lifetime experience for Mindfulness and Adventure!

Limited to 8 participants, minimum of 4 for the retreat to take place.

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